This past weekend WashU Crew competed at the 2018 Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association (SIRA) Championships in Oak Ridge, TN in the following events:  Men’s 2-, Men’s 2x, Varsity Men’s 4+, Novice Men’s 4+, Varsity Women’s 4+ (Club), and Novice Women’s 4+ (Club). The weekend began with time trials on Saturday morning which determined whether the crews raced in semi-finals or were seeded directly to their finals. Our Men’s 2-, Men’s 2x, and Men’s Novice 4+ proceeded directly from these time trials to their A-, B- and D-final, respectively, while our Novice Women’s 4+, Varsity Women’s 4+, and Varsity Men’s 4+ went on to race in semi-finals later that day. By the end of the day Saturday, we had qualified three crews for their A-finals, two for their B-finals, and one to their D-final to race on Sunday. Ultimately WashU Crew walked away with a dominant 1st place win in the Men’s 2-, and 2nd place finish in the Varsity Men’s 4+, 5th place in the Varsity Women’s 4+, 9th in the Men’s 2x, 10th in the Novice Women’s 4+, and 23rd in the Novice Men’s 4+. These results are an exciting improvement on the past few years at SIRAs, and we are looking forward to taking what we learned this weekend with us in our training for the ACRA Championships in May.